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The games industry has always been a huge player in the online advertising world and, with the rise of AR, VR, and e-sports, opportunities are expanding further. This seminar will showcase some of the new ways advertisers can use gaming to promote their brand along with top tips for operating in this space. 

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Games Seminar 2019


Registration & breakfast
8:30 - 9:00

Welcome & introduction
9:00 - 9:10
Polly Raven,
Membership Manager,
Reaching the unreachables: what advertisers need to know about gaming and esports 
9:10 - 9:30

According to the BBC, gaming is worth more than music and film combined and more people watch video game content than Netflix, Hulu and HBO combined. Bidstack will be exploring the opportunities the gaming industry presents for advertisers and why now is the best time for advertisers to invest in the market.

Vanessa Yu,
Marketing Director,
Gaming The System: Exclusive Research Into The Mind Of A Gamer in 2019
9:30 - 09:50

Many brands still struggle to assimilate with gaming culture. Campaigns targeting gamers are often ignored or mocked for their inauthenticity, outdated cultural references and misjudged tone of voice. For the first time, research into the minds of ‘gamers’ in 2019 will be released. It will dispel marketing myths about ‘gamers’ and give brands critical insight into gaming culture, their attitudes and beliefs, their lives outside of gaming and how they behave on social. ‘Gamers’ are a multi-faceted group often clustered under one banner by marketers who haven’t taken the time to learn about their differences. Tom Sweeney has led some of the world’s biggest communities including GameByte - the worlds largest social-first gaming media publisher with over 6 million followers.

Brett Claxton,
Creative and Partnerships Manager,
Social Chain Media
How non-endemic brands can win with gaming audiences
09:50 - 10:10

For years, Endemic esports brands have successfully reached gaming audiences, but as the industry has expanded and evolved, so have the gamers. In this session, Venatus will challenge the preconceptions of gaming audiences and share insight into how brands can benefit from the unexpected consumer behaviour of gamers. Prepare to be surprised!

Amman Kainth, ,
Head of Demand ,
Coffee break
10:10 - 10:30

Ready. Set. Go! How to win in gaming with Creativity & AI
10:30 - 10:50

Join LoopMe and Unity to uncover the opportunities that mobile gaming and immersive content present for marketers and the fundamental role that data and AI can play in driving ROI for advertisers.
With marketers under increasing pressure to link advertising spend to real-world outcomes, the gaming space offers a great opportunity to make this a reality. Research shows immersive environments are vital for brands to capture the attention of consumers.
Exploring how immersive formats have changed the creative ecosystem and storytelling, we'll explore common misconceptions about gaming and showcase impactful success stories.

Genevieve Lett, Sales Director, LoopMe,
Michael McPhee, Client Partner, Unity Ads at Unity Technologies
The evolution of mobile gaming
10:50 - 11:10

From the dawn of Snake to today’s billion dollar industry, mobile gaming has established itself as a pillar of the gaming age. It is a key driver of gaming innovation through agile tech evolution, experimentation and demand from a mass global audience. Gameloft dive into how mobile gaming became the unexpected disruptor and what opportunities are waiting beyond the horizon.

Craig Gohil,
Partnerships Manager,

Our speakers

Craig Gohil
Craig Gohil
Partnerships Manager, Gameloft
Amman Kainth
Amman Kainth
Brett Claxton
Brett Claxton
Social Chain Media
Genevieve Lett
Genevieve Lett
Vanessa Yu
Vanessa Yu
Michael McPhee
Unity Technologies


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