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The future is something that is both exciting  and fascinating; and the future of digital advertising is no different. The IAB’s mission is to build a sustainable future for digital advertising, of which helping businesses to prepare for the future is part of.

This seminar, shaped by the IAB Future Trends Group, explores trends that may very well have an impact on our industry. From technological advancements in artificial intelligence to the evolution of digital channels as we know them, the talks at this seminar will give an insight into the exciting possibilities that the future holds for the digital advertising industry.

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IAB Events and Education Space, 14 Macklin Street, London, WC2B 5NF
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Future Trends Seminar- Sold out

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Registration and Breakfast

Introduction and Housekeeping
9:10 - 9:15am

Mindshare Trends 2019
9:15 - 9:35

Overview of Mindshare’s 5 trends for 2019 covering a range of subjects from voice and the connected home to livestreaming and virtual beings. Includes consumer facing responses to these topics and implications for brands/industry.

Sophie Harding,
Trends and Insights Director,
AI your next partner for…
9:35 - 9:55

AI has taken huge strides over the last few years as technology has continued to develop and now plays a core part in peoples everyday lives. We are seeing widespread application of AI across the digital advertising space. GumGum will explore the how artificial intelligence has proliferated across the industry and how the technology can be applied to a wide range of industry challenges ranging from brand safety through to creativity to the huge benefit of brands

Peter Wallace,
UK Commercial Director,
Fads vs Trends: Staying on the pulse in 2019
9:55 - 10:15

When is a trend not a trend? When it’s a fad. 
But do you know the difference?

Here at MC&C Media we fully appreciate how busy and confusing the marketing landscape has become for brands who are keen to keep on top of new customer behaviour but are equally as worried about jumping on every passing bandwagon. 

With AR, e-gaming and machine learning all clamouring for their spot in the headlines, as well as XYZ, we have devised a fun way to help marketers and agencies alike harness the most effective and accessible new technologies in order to create meaningful connections with customers. 

Led by Ben Foster, our Director of Digital, we will ask the crucial question: ‘Fad vs Trend: What is the difference and why does it matter?’

Ben Foster,
Director of Digital,
MC&C Media
10:15 - 10:30

How to Win on Social in 2019
10:30 - 10:50

George MacGill's team of experts have masterminded a number of industry-firsts and made a name for themselves as social media pioneers. 

George has an incredible eye for how human behaviour shapes the adoption and evolution of new technologies. His remarkable digital intuition has kept Media Chain at the forefront of the social landscape, helping the global brands they work for to create the conversation online. He plays a pivotal part in growing Media Chain’s social communities of over 80 million followers.

His presentation will prepare marketers for what’s coming on social in 2019 and what this means for the brands they work with.

George MacGill,
Innovation Manager,
Media Chain
The Key Ingredients to Data Driven Business
10:50 - 11:10

As we grow our sports OTT platform from 5 markets to over 10 by the end of 2019, data driven decisions has been key to our success and will continue to do so.  It’s not as simple as looking at a data set or reports, but the need for taking more control of your data supported  by the right talent to service the data.  We define our ROI, not the agency through our own intelligence which money can’t buy.



Nadeem Ibrahim & Mitch Vidler,
Global Senior Marketing Planner - Head of Global Marketing Analytics,
From Big Bang to Rising Star
11:10 - 11:30

In a world in which customer expectations are sky high and the martech space is evolving at lightning speed, there is a crucial need to distinguish between hype and meaningful innovation. The problem is that we tend to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short term and underestimate the effect in the long term. Every new technology has its ‘Big Bang’ moment, before becoming a ‘Rising Star’. This presentation will look at technologies which have been around for years but which will reach their full potential in 2019, and will examine the status of some ‘Rising Stars’ in the emerging tech space. 

Marek Wrobel,
Head of Media Futures,
Havas Media Group

Our speakers

Sam Field
Sam Field
Ben Foster
Ben Foster
Sophie Harding
Sophie Harding
Nadeem Ibrahim
Nadeem Ibrahim
George MacGill
George MacGill
Media Chain
Marek Wrobel
Marek Wrobel
Havas Media Group

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