Out of home has been going through a digital revolution over the past couple of years. The combination of data, creativity, and high impact formats has given advertisers new exciting ways to reach people on the move. This seminar will cover the latest trends, insights, and important topics from the world of DOOH, and will showcase how todays marketers are using DOOH alongside their other marketing channels. Expect to learn about the ingredients needed for creative success – how to use data to inform both the planning and buying of out of home campaigns – as well what the future of DOOH looks like.

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Digital Out of Home - Seminar November


2:45pm - 3:00pm

Why we need programmatic in OOH
3:00pm - 3:20pm

VIOOH will be discussing the media trends which are bringing programmatic trading to DOOH and how media buyers can leverage data and technology for greater campaign outcomes. VIOOH will also here to debunk the myth that programmatic is the death of brand building. 

Sue Hunt,
DOOH-ing it Right
3:20pm - 3:40pm

In 2018, DOOH reached its “big bang” moment, where data, technology, convergence with other media, and physical infrastructure have consolidated, to make the medium bigger and better. This seminar will focus on the undeniable effect of DOOH on brand metrics, looking at 3 case studies which demonstrate a radical change in the way the clients activate DOOH, giving delegates an insight on the importance of DOOH in today’s media mix and how different brands have used DOOH successfully.

Glen Wilson,
Digital OOH Buzzword Bingo
3:40pm - 4:00pm

We are all guilty of it, peppering presentations with lingo which is known to some, but foreign to others. Our session will remove the mystery and take a closer look at digital OOH buzzwords with a fun game of Buzzword Bingo. In quick-fire fashion, we will cover all aspects of digital OOH from delivery & optimisation through to reporting. Fear not, this will not be a vocabulary lesson, case studies will bring everything to life.
Oh, and did we mention there'll be prizes... Who said learning can't be fun?

Neil Morris,
DOOH & Content Marketing
4:00pm - 4:20pm

From social media to Digital Out of Home screens, content is radically changing how marketing campaigns engage consumers and deliver results for brands.  This session will explore the latest developments and opportunities for content marketing in the context of DOOH.

Louise Stubbings & Abigail Morrish,
Creative Director & Chief Partnership,
Clear Channel UK & indaHash
4:20pm - 4:35pm

The now and next of data in Out of Home
4:35pm - 4:55pm

As the reach of Digital Out of Home (DOOH) continues to grow, so does its potential to build on the traditional strengths of the medium by drawing on a combination of data sources to enhance campaign planning, deployment, creative execution and measurement. Through an interactive presentation, we will show how a unique combination of location, data and technology is coming together in ways that are a lot less invasive and a lot more beneficial, for advertisers and consumers alike.

Adrian Witter& Dominic Murray & Steve Payne,
Director of Marketing and Insight & Account Director & Director of Marketing & Insight,
DOOH, the 4th Space for video advertising
4:55pm - 5:15pm

A study to better understand how full motion digital out-of-home and online video can work together to increase campaign effectiveness

Sophie Pemberton & Jon Conway,
Strategy Director & Chief Strategy Officer,
Talon Outdoor


Glen Wilson, Posterscope
Glen Wilson
Neil Morris, QDOT
Neil Morris
Louise Stubbings, Clear Channel UK
Louise Stubbings
Clear Channel UK
Abigail Morrish, indaHash
Abigail Morrish
Sophie Pemberton, Talon
Sophie Pemberton
Talon Outdoor
Jon Conway, Talon
Jon Conway
Talon Outdoor
Sue Hunt, VIOOH
Sue Hunt
Adrian Witter, Kinetic Worldwide
Adrian Witter
Kinetic Worldwide
Dominic Murray, Kinetic Worldwide
Dominic Murray
Kinetic Worldwide
Steve Payne, Kinetic Worldwide
Steve Payne
Kinetic Worldwide

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