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When it comes to automotive, researching the product plays a huge part in the purchase process, so with the right tools, marketers can grab their audiences’ attention at the right time. As the digital world grows with Influencers, DOOH, Mixed Reality and more coming into play and consumers researching on more and more screens, how can brands stand out?

Buying high priced items online is becoming a regular occurrence, so it is important for the automotive industry to keep up to date with all the possibilities that are out there. At our Automotive Seminar, specialists in the industry will be talking you through the best ways to target the right audience online for the automotive sector.

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IAB UK Events and Training Space, 14 Macklin Street, London, WC2B 5NF
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Registration and Breakfast
8:45am - 9:00am

Housekeeping and Introduction
9:00am - 9:10am
Anna Randles,
Head of Events and Education,
How Auto Brands Can Unlock Moments of Success 
9:10am - 9:30am

67% of luxury purchases are triggered by a life milestone.  LinkedIn will share new research and insights on how automotive marketers can engage consumers at key moments of success.  They will share examples and best practices to developing content that emotionally resonates across the key milestones of a professional's career, from Career Starters to Career Changes.

Jack Donaldson,
Auto Vertical Client Solutions Manager,
LinkedIn Marketing Solutions
How much influence can you achieve in a 48 hours test drive?
9:30am - 9:50am

Influencer Marketing growth and spend is increasing and becoming a bigger part of the marketing mix. It is also a key vehicle for brands to speak to the audience in an engaging and interactive format. The importance of a good influencer marketing brief that extracts the most creative interpretation is key to activating influencers in interesting ways to cut through the noise. Learn from Takumi on how influencer marketing can be used to support the automotive industry to drive sales of a car through influencer content and how the content was able to showcase as many of the car capabilities as possible.

Emily Young,
Head of UK,
Mindshare and Mobsta discuss how Volvo have used location data to better measure intent in a changing consumer landscape
9:50am - 10:10am

The consumer landscape in the automotive space is evolving and traditional web metrics, such as CTR & brochure downloads, are declining as accurate measures of consumer intent. This presents a significant business challenge and a need for car brands to change the way they use media channels and judge their effect in driving business goals. In this session we will explain how Volvo addressed these challenges across digital and OOH channels using location data to better understand the relationship between the consumer, each media channel and their effect on driving incremental visits into retailers, across to key Volvo model campaigns.

George Dixon & Shachi D'Silva,
Head of Product and Strategy & Account Director,
Mobsta & Mindshare
10:10am - 10:30am

The Future of Car Ownership
10:30am - 10:50am

Autotrader's research revealed how the ubiquity of car finance options, has shifted car buyers away from traditional car ownership to more of an ‘access’ or ‘ownership’ model. It also highlights how these models have shaped the future relationship between consumer and car; and importantly the implications for both retailers and manufacturers. Autotrader will bring all this to light together with other insights in the presentation.

Nick King ,
Insight Director,
Auto & AI: How to 'wheel' in ROI
10:50am - 11:10am

As the role of marketer evolves, the need to link advertising activity to business outcomes is more important than ever. In fact, according to OnDevice, in-store experiences are ‘extremely important’ to 72% of retailers, but finding target audiences online, driving them to store and measuring those conversions remains extremely challenging. In this session LoopMe and The7Stars will explain how they created a compelling strategy that delivered incremental visits to Suzuki dealerships in real-time, a first for the UK market. Learn how to 'rev' up your automotive campaigns, using best-in class data, analytics and AI.

Niina Vijayaratnam & Alex Keogh,
Sales Manager & Digital Strategist,
LoopMe & the7stars
Closing the gender engagement gap
11:10am - 11:30am

Women are widely understood to have considerable influence in auto purchasing decisions yet three quarters feel alienated by auto advertising, the media and the car purchasing journey.
In June 2018 TI Media commissioned an insight project to understand more clearly these challenges, as well as identify the ways in which this engagement gap can be bridged.
Laurence and Andrea will share these findings and recommendations on ‘best practice’ for advertising & content. Becky will share how Innocean have incorporated these insights into the creative process to influence digital creative testing and creative & media optimisation.

Laurence Collings & Andrea Thompson & Becky Broe,
Client Services Director & Deputy Editor & Head of Media,
TI Media & Marie Claire & Innocean Worldwide UK
Value Ad: the influence of display advertising on the car buying journey
11:30am - 11:50am

This ground-breaking research reveals the hidden effectiveness of premium display advertising by tracking hundreds of millions of consumer journeys across an entire industry in a five-month period, creating the ultimate 'beyond the click' analysis. It is a collaboration between four competitive media owners, a leading automotive brand and a data science company, resulting in one of the biggest-ever studies on car buying behaviour with over 600 million consumer touchpoints. The research is playing a pivotal role in participating car brand’s media strategy and that of the wider automotive industry.

Jim Burton & Patrick Fuller,
Digital Commercial Director & Customer Strategy Consultant,
Bauer Media & Sophus3


Andrea Thompson
Andrea Thompson
Marie Claire
Emily Young
Emily Young
Nick King
Nick King
George Dixon
George Dixon
Shachi D'Silva
Shachi D'Silva
Laurence Collings
Laurence Collings
TI Media
Becky Broe
Becky Broe
Innocean Worldwide UK
Jack Donaldson
Jack Donaldson
LinkedIn Marketing Solutions
Niina Vijayaratnam
Niina Vijayaratnam
Alex Keogh
Alex Keogh
Jim Burton
Jim Burton
Bauer Media Group
Chris Daniels
Chris Daniels
Haymarket Motoring
Steve Machin
Steve Machin
Patrick Fuller
Patrick Fuller

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