S4M Case Study - Subway France: You're the Chef

Posted on: Wednesday 05 July 2017

S4M helped Subway leverage real-time mobile locations to boost foot traffic into restaurants across France. Combined with S4M’s proprietary Video2Storemobile creative format, the campaign achieved both brand visibility and impactful performance results.

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Campaign Objective

The goal was to drive 200 000 fast food consumers into Subway restaurants around France, as well as attributing online efforts with offline results. The objective was to boost visits around the vicinities of Subway restaurants and also redirect similar target audiences within the vicinities of four different competitors in France to a nearby Subway restaurant instead.

Campaign Results

The campaign applied strict counting standards for impressions and page visits delivered. Overall 5 888 086 ad requests were counted but after filtering out fraud only 4 748 457 impressions were 100% rendered plus one second on the smartphone. Initial campaign objective was to achieve 200 000 visits to the store locator but the campaign optimisation and specific targeting exceeded the goal by 31% acquiring 262 160 visits within 30 days. We also saw a high click-through-rate of 4.26%, an impressive rate when compared to an industry benchmark of 1.6%. Finally, we compared the total users exposed to the campaign versus users not exposed, the results showed an impressive 46.72% uplift of visits to Subway restaurants all across France. In one example where users saw the campaign in the vicinity of a competitor restaurant, 39.44% of the traffic were redirected to a nearby Subway restaurant instead.

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