Lionsgate/Hacksaw Ridge and The Independent

Lionsgate/Hacksaw Ridge and The Independent teamed up focusing on the promotion of new Lionsgate film Hacksaw Ridge. 

View the interactive parallax site here   

  • There was a big content element to the campaign, focusing on the promotion of new Lionsgate film Hacksaw Ridge

  • The main element was an interactive parallax site – this included an animated infographic sequence, a timeline of key events in the ‘Pacific Theatre’, perspective on conscientious objectors, who’s who in the film, the trailer, a poll and a prize draw to win Picture House Central memberships. Much of the content was created by senior members of The Independent editorial team

  • The campaign was done directly with Lionsgate

  • There were also promotions to win tickets to screenings – one including a Q&A with Andrew Garfield 

Charlie Edelman, Director of Story Studio, said: “Creativity and innovation is at the heart of what Story Studio offers to clients, and this campaign with Lionsgate is a perfect demonstration of that. Parallax as a platform gave us the opportunity to take the reader on a journey through the context of Hacksaw Ridge and World War Two in a truly engaging way.  This is the kind of creative, authentic offering that we believe is needed to truly engage our influential audiences, allowing clients to take advantage of our powerful media portfolio.”

The campaign had a genuine impact on perceptions of the film, as the results of this ESI consumer research demonstrates:

  • An enormous 62% of people were interested in the Parallax website content and 69% of those who use were interested.

  • 32% said the association with made them think it must be a quality film.  This was 51% amongst regular users.  It was also 21% amongst those who said the initial ad and the screening hadn’t interested them. 

  • Half those interviewed said they’d welcome being able to read about other new films in the same way. 


  • Over two weeks, the campaign had exposure to over 10million readers

  • 1.4m users were aware of the Parallax site [that’s 9% of all users]

  • 100,000 unique users in 5 days spent over 3 minutes reading the content and were twice as likely to watch the film as a result of reading the parallax

  • Page Views: 106,471

  • Uniques: 97,624

  • Avg. time on page: 3.26 minutes


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