Google Case Study: Hertz's Digital Transformations

Posted on: Monday 25 April 2016

See how Hertz explored an advanced attribution model and data strategy to positively impact its business.

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See the full Case Study here 

Ignition time: In episode 1 of 3 Hertz explore the customer journey, the importance of mobile UX and take the first steps towards embracing an advanced attribution model and data strategy.

Accelerating Performance: In episode 2 of 3 Hertz start to see the benefits of adopting a more advanced attribution model and better use of data through optimising search, display and YouTube campaigns and launching programmatic campaigns with DoubleClick.

Profit-Driven Marketing:Episode 3 of 3 looks at the progress towards a Profit-Driven approach to marketing; how search and display combine to improve fleet utilisation and how data has helped transform marketing and its impact on the Hertz business.

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