Fast food restaurant outperforms video & viewability goals



Brands need true expertise as well as technology to manage video, display, social and mobile advertising campaigns today. Insights and reporting are critical to monitoring and maintaining success.

For this campaign, video completion rate (VCR) was a key metric. This is a measurement of the rate at which your digital video impressions play to 100%, so it’s important for understanding the efficiency and effectiveness of campaigns.

The goals for the fast food restaurant brand were very specific: it tasked media agency Blue 449 with achieving a VCR of 70% for its video campaign. It also aimed for frequency capping by serving no more than three ads per user per week, and it wanted to reach 65% viewability.

What was the role of digital within the media mix?

Blue 449 leveraged demand-side platform The Trade Desk’s beta Quality Alliance VCR product across the open market to target inventory that historically had achieved a VCR of 70% or more. To boost performance in terms of completed video views, the agency bid factored across site and supply vendor dimensions.

Blue 449 also applied its AutoAllocator tool to push spend to the campaign’s top-performing ad groups – targeting both desktop and mobile. It incorporated multiple audience strategies targeting third-party audiences such as sports and gaming, applying The Trade Desk’s video adjustment features to bid factor against non-skippable inventory and medium or large players.


Key statistics

1.4 million

million uniques


video completion rate (VCR)

What results did you attain? What was the biggest achievement?

This video campaign delivered
 a performance of 82% in terms of VCR, as well as 68% viewability across multiple contextual and audience strategies, compared to the brand’s 70% goal. The campaign also managed to reach 1.4 million uniques within a targeted UK demographic. With no measurement ‘holy grail’ or quick win, it goes to show just how critical planning, targeting and measurement are for campaign success.

Programmatic can be complex enough without dedicating hours to manually configuring every campaign. With new enhancements to The Trade Desk’s AutoAllocator tool, it was possible to prioritise effectively without the need for constant monitoring and manual adjustments.

In a sentence...

Fast food restaurant outperforms its video ad completion rate and viewability benchmarks with independent demand-side platform’s alliance and allocation tools.

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