Rediscover the joy of digital advertising

Champion connections instead of clicks. Capture audiences' imaginations, not just their attention. Boldly move to your own beat instead of letting tech set the pace. It’s time to rediscover the joy of digital.

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Ravleen Beeston speaking at Leadership Summit 2024

What we do

As the industry body for digital advertising, we are uniquely placed to bring you the latest what’s happening in digital advertising right now, and what’s to come in the future. We bring our members together – including media owners, ad tech, agencies and advertisers - to share best practices, develop guidelines and demonstrate the effectiveness of digital for brands. We work on behalf of all IAB members to ensure that our industry thrives and that advertisers - big and small - can harness the power of digital advertising effectively.

Jon Mew

IAB UK on Google’s removal of third-party cookie deadline

Following Google’s announcement that it plans to remove the third-party cookie deadline and pursue a new path for Privacy Sandbox, our CEO Jon Mew says that while “this news represents a significant shift in Google’s approach to third-party cookies, it isn’t and shouldn't be a return to cookies as the default”, pointing to the huge progress that has been made over the past few years. “Ultimately, our hope is that the removal of Google’s deadline restores a level of certainty and control to the wider industry that is conducive to further productive collaboration and development in this area. We will continue to support all of our members on this journey.”

IAB Events

Digital Upfronts 2024

Block out your calendar, Digital Upfronts is back! Running between 2-24 October, Amazon, BBC Studios, The Sun and YouTube will give advertisers exclusive insight into what they have coming down the track over the next 12 months and beyond. Plus Gaming, Retail Media and Connected TV Upfronts will return to The Steel Yard as we take a deep-dive into how these once emerging channels have become a stalwart on media plans. Expect a month full of new product launches, big-name talent and trend analysis to shape your 2025 planning. All events are free to attend.

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IAB Debrief 2024 speaker submission guide

Speaker submissions for IAB Debrief are now open, find out how you can take to the Debrief stage this November

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What we know from Starmer’s first King’s Speech

Keir Starmer used the first King’s Speech since his election to put forward an ambitious legislative agenda for the new Government

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Environmental Sustainability FAQs

Use our new tool to view and compare the sustainability efforts of companies who are committed to reducing the environmental impact of the industry

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Total digital ad marketing in UK in 2023: £29.6 billion
IAB UK Digital Adspend

Latest full-year report

The latest IAB UK and PwC full-year Digital Adspend report looks at digital advertising spend for 2023. The study shows that the digital advertising market grew by 11% last year to a total of £29.6 billion. Read more about the findings now - IAB UK members can access the full report and downloadable resources for topline takeaways, formats in detail and sector breakdowns.

Meet our members

Our members include advertisers, agencies, ad tech companies and media owners, so you're in the right place to discover the very best of digital advertising.

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Are you Gold Standard certified?

Being Gold Standard certified matters because it shows that your business is committed to upholding industry best practice and improving the online ecosystem - something that benefits you, your industry partners, and the end consumer. It's all the more important now that the Gold Standard is a key part of the Online Advertising Taskforce's Action Plan, led by the Government. Find out more about the initiative and how to get certified under the latest criteria.

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Policy & Standards

We engage with policymakers and regulators to monitor and respond to all relevant developments affecting digital advertising.

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Member Vault

IAB UK members can submit content to the Member Vault, amplifying their voice across the industry and showcasing their work.

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The IAB UK Podcast

Hosted by IAB UK's CMO James Chandler, The IAB UK Podcast is where to go discover all the latest UK news and views from the world of digital.

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Rediscover the joy of digital advertising

Champion connections instead of clicks. Capture audiences' imaginations, not just their attention. Boldly move to your own beat instead of letting tech set the pace. It’s time to rediscover the joy of digital.