IAB Europe - Attitudes towards Programmatic Advertising

Posted on: Thursday 06 August 2015

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Programmatic advertising has increased in importance to a market value of more than €2bn or 20% of the total European display market, according to IAB Europe’s 2013 Programmatic Market Sizing study.

During the past few years programmatic has risen from being a backroom tactical tool understood by specialist media traders to being a key imperative for every online brand strategist.

The IAB Europe Programmatic Trading Committee, a multi-stakeholder initiative aiming to increase understanding of the programmatic ecosystem, saw the need for research which would illustrate attitudes towards, the current adoption and the future of programmatic display (online, video and mobile) advertising on both the buy-side and sell-side of the digital advertising industry, and developed the IAB Europe Attitudes towards Programmatic Advertising survey. The survey report presented in this document forms part of a comprehensive pan-European programme of educational activities produced by the Committee.

Complimentary to the insight from the survey in this report, IAB Europe has recently published a Road to Programmatic White Paper, which aims to help advertisers, agencies and publishers formulate their programmatic strategies by detailing some key factors for consideration.

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