Mobile Programmatic FAQs

For the first time in 2014, the IAB measured what percentage of digital display advertising was being traded programmatically. For digital as a whole, 28% of the online display market was sold programmatically in 2013. 

Perhaps more interestingly, when you look at mobile as a subset of digital that figures rises to 37%. 

As with any growing area of the industry there is a need for education and clarification in this field. This mobile programmatic FAQ document aims to make it easier to understand how programmatic on mobile works.

This booklet is the output of the IAB UK’s Mobile and Display Trading Councils, who worked together to address the frequently asked questions in this field. It is worth noting that technology changes very quickly, and although this information was correct at the time of printing some developments and changes in mobile programmatic may occur. If you would like more information about this subject or anything in this booklet please contact [email protected].


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