The Big Cross-Screen Handbook

Welcome to The Big Cross-Screen Handbook by the IAB, sponsored by Conversant.

Mobile now accounts for 34% of all pounds spent on digital display advertising in the UK (Source: IAB / PwC Digital Adspend Study Full Year 2014).

According to the IAB’s 2013 RealView study, 4 in 5 people won’t leave home without their smartphone, and a third of people consider their smartphone as a ‘lifesaver’; so it is great to see the industry catching up with these trends.

The IAB is committed to making mobile and cross-screen advertising more accessible for brands and agencies. In a time where brands have adopted mobile with 84% of the top 250 UK advertisers running a mobile optimised site (Source: IAB Top 250 Mobile Audit 2015), it is essential for us to focus on the next steps and how to effectively integrate cross-screen into a brand’s digital strategy.

This handbook aims to do exactly this, written by industry experts at the forefront of mobile innovation it will offer practical advice in how to create unique and quality experiences across devices. We hope this gives you everything you need to know about cross-screen advertising, but of course as the industry evolves there will be new resources released where relevant.


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