UKOM: Travel & events see online audiences surge

Posted on: Thursday 18 November 2021 | IAB UK

Travel and ticketing sites saw healthy audience growth in September as people’s confidence in booking trips and live events grew

Traffic to ticketing sites was up by 12.9% in September vs July, according to UKOM’s latest Digital Market Overview, signalling that people are feeling increasingly confident to book tickets to live events. 

Travel sites also saw a surge, with 2.1m visiting airline brands’ sites in September and people more likely to visit brands that offer long haul flights. 

Overall, the UK’s online audience (aged over 15) stands at 49.9m, with smartphones the most used device among all age groups. 

The top 10 online brands by audience include Google, Facebook, Amazon, the BBC, Microsoft, the NHS and eBay. When it comes to apps, TikTok accrues the most time spent per person, with Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat also attracting high average minutes per person. 

The report is the first to be produced since Ipsos iris became UKOM’s approved solution for internet audience measurement data. The new data set allows for more detailed analysis by daypart, revealing that the online population in September were more likely to engage with news and health content at night and at breakfast time, finance and business content in the morning and afternoon, and events and games in the late evening. 

If you want to find out more, head to UKOM to understand more about their online measurement effort.

IAB UK members can download the full UKOM deck below.  


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