MEMBER RESEARCH: Voice Search - A Deep Dive Into Verticals By ROAST


New report from ROAST highlights verticals that have embraced Voice Search, whilst exposing the gaps that remain in certain sectors

In January 2018, ROAST launched their Voice Search Ranking Report and released a whitepaper on the state of voice search. In April 2018 they launched a deep dive into 23 verticals. This report contains an updated data set for those 23 verticals.

The reports analysed data from 10,000 key phrases searched for on the Google Assistant. Data was gathered using ROAST’s Voice Search Ranking Report tool; for each query the response was recorded and classified into a response type. This comparative research identifies verticals where Google has improved in answering queries, but also verticals where the ability to answer a question has declined.

In terms of direct sector comparisons, Utilities had the greatest improvement in Voice Search being able to provide an answer moving from 45% answered to 63% answered. Travel and FMCG also saw a 10% increase in answerable queries, while News and Entertainment saw a significant decline in answerable voice queries, potentially due to answer format experimentation.


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