Voice technology: Rewriting the rules for brands

Posted on: Sunday 17 September 2017

The rise of voice technology is changing the way that brands need to define themselves to their audiences.

The increased adoption of voice technology among brands is set to transform the marketing landscape in the future, reports Campaign Live.

According to research carried out by Mintel, 62 per cent of people in the UK already use voice-operated devices - like the Amazon Echo - to search the web, listen to music and purchase products.

As a result, brands need to make sure they are considering this when devising their marketing strategies, as failure to do so could mean they are missing out on a growing band of customers.

Scott Galloway, clinical professor of marketing at the New York University Stern School of Business, explained that the rise of voice technology means brands need to completely rethink how they are defining themselves to their audience.

"Voice-based ordering eliminates the need for packaging, design and end-caps, all the things that brands have poured billions into and have spent decades perfecting," he stated.

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