Digital advertising spend edges closer to TV across Europe

Posted on: Wednesday 01 July 2015

IAB Europe AdEx Benchmark 2014 Full Report reveals 11.8% increase outperforming 3.0% EU GDP growth

IAB Europe, in collaboration with IHS Technology, has today published the AdEx Benchmark 2014 Report1 – the definitive guide to the state of the European online advertising market.

The report is a comprehensive perspective of online advertising spend across Europe which is growing ever more essential in the light of European policy formulation, attracting global start-up funding, benchmarking market development trends, the increasingly pan-regional nature of digital advertising investments and the role of Europe’s digital economy in a global context.

This year the report reveals that in 2014, online advertising recorded double-digit growth for a fifth consecutive year at 11.8% to a market value of €30.7bn, consolidating its position as the second largest media category edging closer to TV. With all markets reporting positive growth, it is not only the developing markets which are leading this increase. Mature markets which have benefited from improvement of digital advertising formats, targeting capabilities and developing data strategies in a cross-device environment are also driving growth demonstrating the industry’s sustainability.

Top 10 Rankings – year-on-year growth

1. Slovenia – 43.1%

2. Ireland – 33.3%

3. Belarus – 32.8%

4. Turkey – 20.8%

5. Hungary – 19.5%

6. Bulgaria – 18.7%

7. Russia 17.3%

8. Greece – 16.3%

9. Austria – 16.0%

10. Belgium – 16.0%

Townsend Feehan, CEO of IAB Europe said, “The ninth edition of the AdEx Benchmark report highlights how new advertising opportunities within programmatic trading, mobile and video advertising, and audience and advertising effectiveness measurement supported by educational programmes have driven growth. As an industry body we strive to work with our members to adopt standards in new business areas help to develop advertiser confidence in new opportunities and at the same time provide transparency and choice to users about how data may be processed.”

Daniel Knapp, Director of Advertising Research at IHS Technology and author of the research, said, "The study shows that even the most mature online advertising markets in Europe sustain double digit growth, clearly indicating the economic vibrancy of the sector. A key driver behind this growth is the proliferation and consolidation of intelligent data infrastructures that serve as a connective tissue between consumers, media and brands.”

IAB Europe members can download the report by logging into the IAB Europe website. Non-members can request the report by contacting: [email protected]

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