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It's great to see that digital advertising had another strong year in 2017 with the UK market enjoying year-on-year growth (just check out the latest wave of our Digital Adspend research!). But ensuring that digital's future is sustainable too - the IAB's mission - requires industry collaboration to tackle the challenges we face.

Step forward the IAB Gold Standard, launched with the support of our Board in October 2017 and open to all IAB members involved in the buying and selling of digital display advertising. Since late December, almost 80 companies have registered and 13 have been certified, signalling their commitment to raising standards through:

1.    Reducing ad fraud by adopting the ADS.txt initiative

2.    Increasing brand safety through the JICWEBS DTSG Good Practice Principles.

3.    Improving the digital advertising experience by adhering to the LEAN ad standards and avoiding the use of the 12 'bad ad' formats identified by the Coalition for Better Advertising.

The Gold Standard has received tremendous backing from our members, the wider industry, fellow trade associations and even some of Parliament's most digital-savvy players when we headed to Westminster for a Gold Standard breakfast briefing in January. 

But you're asking: how do I get involved and become the next name on the illustrious list? Well, it couldn't be simpler. 

1.    Take two minutes to fill in the registration survey (use our compliance grid to check which category you fall into). 

2.    Send us the evidence outlined in the compliance grid to show how you are implementing the three initiatives.

3.    Once you've met all the criteria applicable to your category, we issue you with the IAB Gold Standard Certified badge, for you to proudly display, and add you to our list of certified companies!

Of course, the team is here to help with any questions and provide support. Contact us on

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