Snapchat extends Moat marketing measurement partnership

Posted on: Wednesday 04 January 2017

Snapchat and Moat will continue their relationship in the pursuit of video data.

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Snapchat has announced that it will be extending its partnership with third-party analytics and measurement firm Moat, providing advertisers in the UK and France with the opportunity to measure the efficacy of their video campaigns.
As of yesterday (January 3rd), brands can measure the sight, sounds and motion of a Snapchat video in the two countries, allowing them to determine whether it has been viewed by a human or a robot, as well as if the viewer had the sound on.
It comes after chief strategy officer for Snap Inc Imran Khan said last year that there is significant demand among advertisers for a "clear definition of a video view" and is part of a wider drive for better video measurement solutions.
Snapchat has also hinted that it may be offering more analytics solutions in future.
There have so far been few chances for advertisers to measure success on social media platforms, but this is now starting to change as brands call for data concerning returns on their investment.
Snapchat now has some 150 million users worldwide, with ten million active users every day.

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