Data driven marketing is on the increase

Marketers recognise the importance of using data to drive marketing efforts.

Advertising and marketing professionals are now utilising data-driven marketing to maintain databases and ensure they are sufficiently targeting their customers, according to recent research conducted by the Global Alliance of Data-Driven Marketing Associations (GDMA) and Winterberry Group.

Data driven marketing allows businesses to more accurately target segmented groups to offer the most appropriate material to consumers.

At least to some extent, 92.3 per cent of marketers are maintaining their databases in order to host information on both current and prospective customers. In addition, 53.4 per cent consider themselves advanced in this area and use sophisticated technology.

When it comes to segmenting data to better target and engage audiences, 90.7 per cent of marketers have strategies, while 50.5 per cent are confident that their strategies are advanced.

The results clearly show that marketers are utilising data driven marketing, and with improvements in technology many are now able to advance their efforts. 

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