Sipp is a new AR wine club

Sipp allows users to scan the label on the wine bottles for a wide range of information to come up on their phone.

Wine lovers can now benefit from advances in augmented reality, as subscription wine club Sipp has developed its offering to make use of the latest technology.

Users are invited to scan the label of each bottle they receive via the Sipp app to find out more about the wine they’re about to drink.

The information includes details of the vineyard where the wine was produced, the best temperature to enjoy it at and which foods will pair with it perfectly.

Moez Seraly, founder and chief executive officer of Sipp, told the Evening Standard: “What people want is to drink a good quality bottle of wine and be able to access information about it quickly and AR allows you to do that.”

The company has big plans to harness the power of technology moving forward, as it aims to target millennials.

Despite this demographic drinking less than previous generations, they are looking for a higher quality product and a better experience when they do indulge, which has the potential to open up the market.

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