L'Oreal to roll out new AR-powered digital beauty assistant

L'Oreal is launching a new AR-powered digital beauty assistant tool to help consumers get a better idea of how its products look in practice.

L'Oreal has announced the launch of a new augmented reality (AR) application that will allow users to preview what its cosmetic products would look when applied to their own faces.

The cosmetics company has allied with Cannes Lion to launch the new service, which is being trialled by the NYX Professional Makeup brand. It works by connecting customers to beauty professionals via a face-to-face video call within the NYX app.

This allows customers to speak to a trained makeup artist about product recommendations, which they can instantly see applied to their face in the form of an AR filter. They can then purchase the products in-app, or schedule future appointments for tutorials.

L'Oreal is hoping to roll this tech out across all of its brands in four of its markets via websites, apps and point-of-sale services.

Lubomira Rochet, L'Oreal's chief digital officer, explained to The Drum that this application will also provide the company with actionable user data, including information about "their look preference, their colour preference, their brand preference [and] their skin type".

She expressed confidence that this will help L'Oreal "really start to personalise [its] interactions and propose more relevant products, routines and innovations".

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