Location, location, location: A key focus for two-thirds of digital marketers

Posted on: Wednesday 13 June 2018

Two-thirds of marketers now use location data to drive the direction of their campaigns, a new report reveals.

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Two-thirds of marketers currently use location-based data on their audience to strategically inform their future campaigns, a new report shows.

Factual worked with Lawless Research to publish its first ever Location Based Marketing Report, which reveals that tapping into location-based information is providing many marketers with significant benefits.

For example, 85 per cent have seen their customer base expand as a result of location-based marketing, 83 per cent have seen higher response rates with their content and the same number have recorded an increase in customer engagement levels.

In addition, over three-quarters (77 per cent) said using this data helped them to better understand their audience's needs and 74 per cent reported subsequent growth in return on investment.

In its report, Factual stated: "Since transparency is synonymous with data quality to most marketers, it is imperative that data providers are open with purchasers about how location data is being sourced and qualified.

"If they're not, customers will quickly seek alternatives."

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