Why Location? A handbook for publishers ready to innovate

Posted on: Monday 31 July 2017 | Rhys Denny

Rhys Denny, International Publisher Development Director at Verve, writes on the back of the launch of their location handbook.

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Location-powered advertising is a dead cert when it comes to the future of marketing strategies. It is the not-so-secret ingredient that transforms a standard mobile campaign into an award-winning showcase of what brands can do. With location-based mobile advertising revenues predicted to reach $32.4B by 2021 according to Bia Kelsey, it’s most certainly an exciting opportunity for publishers in the mobile space.  

And while mobile is here to stay — and while many publishers understand the promise of location data in the context of mobile — many still struggle to leverage and optimize its value. 

Mobile Monetisation & Mobile Web vs. App:

One of the largest pain-points, when it comes to mobile monetisation, is share of voice. Publishers need to maintain the captive attention of their readers in the right context, whilst competing with giants such as Google and Facebook for audience scale. All of this is set against a backdrop of decisions about a given mobile mix. How much allocation goes to mobile web? How much should be given to in-app experiences?  These are key questions in a growing list of challenges for publishers. 

Consumer Expectations, Context, & Content:

It’s no surprise that mobile is consumers’ most important screen. As mobile users’ demand for rich and relevant content continues to rise, the expectation of location-tailored advertising and personalization has never been more prominent. According 71% of Mobile Prodigies — Millennials and Gen Z consumers who have never lived in a world without mobile — younger consumers prefer ads customised to their location. It’s clear where the industry is heading and there’s no time to lag behind. 

Personalisation in a Privacy-Safe Environment:

As mobile grows, so does the collection of information associated with the device and its user. Location technology on the device, apps, and browsers are all continuingly generating the data that help publishers and marketers innovate and deliver more relevant and better-focused advertisements. However, such targeted mobile advertising gives rise to a number of concerns, with privacy-related conversations continuing to evolve in both the consumer and regulatory space. 

Verve, alongside its international publisher and agency community, has built a handbook highlighting and helping to solve the top six mobile challenges that publishers face. How can publishers best leverage the in-app environment? How can they win with location intelligence? Can publishers manage privacy protection whilst ensuring optimal creative engagement? The handbook covers everything from data collection to adaptation of content, making the case at every stage for why location really is the future of mobile storytelling.  

Download the handbook from Verve’s website.


Written by

Rhys Denny

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