An overview of Mobile Location

Posted on: Wednesday 20 July 2016

We are excited to launch our new video all about mobile location advertising. To make this we worked with a mobile advisory group on the content. Hear their thoughts on what is exciting in this space and check out the video below.

"Mobile marketing is changing the way that brands interact with customers with location adding a new layer of context and insight to brand messages - it's becoming a big indicator of customer intent, but location data isn’t just valuable for immediate sales – it can also be used in brand building. Location is set to be a big piece of mobile marketing in the coming years but with new privacy regulations coming into force, one of the most important aspects of using location data will be user consent." Andrew Darling, Director of Communications, Blis

"Location is one of the key features when advertising on mobile and accurate targeting is now possible thanks to today’s advanced technology. Marketers should always keep in mind that most of mobile users prefer advertising formats that are relevant to the context they are living in. They have to use all of the data available such as weather, time, etc. to deliver the best mobile experience possible."  Jules Minvielle, Founder and CEO, Mozoo

"Activating Location fulfills on the promise of connecting the digital and physical worlds – it is a data fabric that weaves together everything that consumers do. Location signals are an outsized data set for advertising: marketers add the location graph and gain millions of new data points about how consumers interact in the physical world. With 90% of commerce happening in real-world stores, where you have been, where you are, when you are there – are powerful predictors of interest and intent for tailoring ads and the Holy Grail for measurement. Location is the indispensable key for unlocking the mindset of modern consumers." George Dixon, Director, Strategy, Mobsta

"Location data enables brands to understand their consumers better and powers smarter marketing. It’s changing the way brands interact with their consumers by reaching them in more contextual, relevant and personal ways at the right moment when the decisions are being made. It also allows brands to measure attribution thereby enabling them to glean powerful consumer and competitor insights, while also helping to power their business strategy and operations." Ken Parnham, General Manager, Near

"At PlaceIQ, we’re excited at the opportunity location data brings to improve the real-world intelligence behind digital advertising, whilst also elevating the relevance and creative experience for consumers. The unique insights that are being uncovered through using location as an ingredient in the digital mix are providing previously unavailable dimensions in consumer behaviour. Looking ahead, we expect continued momentum and sophistication in the use of location data in advertising amongst marketers. We also believe that location will expand far beyond advertising as a single application, and will become a horizontal enabler in supporting a variety of business solutions and objectives." Mandeep Mason, GM, EMEA PlaceIQ

"One of the first factors to consider about Location data is that you know where someone is. However, location is even more powerful if you can enhance that signal with more context of the when, why and how at that moment in time. This is where factors like time of day come into play. Understanding location is important, but to make it really sing you need to have some understanding of the context, for example someone travelling to an airport on a Monday morning at 6am is likely to be more receptive to a business traveller message, compared to someone en route to the airport on a Saturday morning at the start of August, where a summer holiday message is likely to be much closer to the mindset of that person in that moment and therefore have much bigger cut through." Finlay Clark, Head of UK Sales, Waze

"There are a thousand reasons to be excited about Location marketing, but for me the most exciting thing is probably one of the most basic; attribution. By targeting precise verified location signals from a device, we can not only serve the most valuable experience suited to a person’s context, but we have the ability to precisely measure real-world behavior to physical point of interest (whether that be a store, a hotel, a theme park – wherever). This means that in an uncertain environment, marketers have confidence that they can identify what marketing spend drives visitations." Theo Theodorou, GM, EMEA, xAd


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