IAB UK's latest ad blocking comment

Posted on: Wednesday 25 May 2016

The IAB comments on the recent news about Three being the first mobile operator in Europe to block digital advertising in its network. 

We're all committed to solving the ad blocking issue but disagree with Three's approach that network-level ad blocking is the way to go. It's a broad-brush approach that the largest media owners can probably survive but not the long-tail of smaller ones. In the long-term consumers will also lose out, as they'll likely have to pay for services that are currently free as they're supported by advertising.

We are engaging with Three on this topic, and remain convinced the best way to solve ad blocking is everyone getting behind the "L.E.A.N" ad standards initiative which addresses the reasons why people block ads in the first place and is about providing a lighter, less invasive ad experience, whilst ensuring consumers have control.


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