IAB UK Podcast | Steering Group Specials: Video

Posted on: Monday 02 November 2020 | IAB UK

Members of the IAB UK Video Steering Group drop into the conversation to discuss all things video

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All digital video should be created for a sound-off environment, all mobile video should be vertical and the six second creative is the holy grail for digital advertisers … right? We’ve all heard these one-liners about digital video advertising, but how true are they for your brand? To find out, we’ve gathered some of the brightest minds in video advertising to offer nuanced insights across creative best practice - debunking some of the most common myths buzzing around the industry while they’re at it. Shout out to the experts from our Video Steering Group: Chris Hanson from Mail Metro Media, Jennifer Bunting from LinkedIn and Vincent Tessier at MoPub for joining the conversation.

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