Season 2 Episode 2 | Being Transparent

Posted on: Thursday 07 March 2019 | IAB UK

Series 2 Episode 2 discusses the big issues of digital advertising: Transparency

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To quote Jimmy Cliff, “I can see clearly now, episode 2 of the IAB podcast is here”. Yes, we’re tackling a big issue in digital advertising: transparency. Where is your money going when you buy ads online, and who is adding the most value? There’s plenty being done by the IAB to tackle it, but this episode gets the view of Rowly Bourne from Rezonence and Lauren Dick from MailMetroMedia to hear why it’s an issue they care so much about.

The IAB’S Chief Digital Officer Tim Elkington boldly takes on the topic in “Two minutes on…” and the IAB UK inside scoop comes from Sophia Amin sharing the vital work happening on Inclusion, Diversity and Equality. 

Finally, find out what Quantcast’s UK Managing Director Ben Murphy and Demi Moore have in common.

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Find out more about our Transparency FAQs

Read what we’re doing on Inclusion, Diversity and Equality

Thanks to our sponsor Verizon Media and to SNK Studios & Acast for their support.

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