IAB Gold Standard goes up a gear: what’s changed?

Posted on Monday 08 April 2024 | IAB UK

All Gold Standard companies now have to comply with the latest criteria - further cracking down on ad fraud and scam ads - in order to keep their certification. Find out why and who’s already upgraded

In Autumn 2023 - following an industry-wide consultation - we made additions to the Gold Standard criteria in order to further crack down on ad fraud and financial scam ads. In order to continue raising standards within the industry and simplify the process of getting certified, we also decided to remove older versions of the Gold Standard, meaning that anyone certified had to comply with the latest criteria by 28 March 2024. The new additions include: 

  • Implementing DemandChain Object 
  • Adding buyers.json to your 2024 product roadmap 
  • Including FCA Financial Service checks in your onboarding process for new and existing clients 
  • Registering for ASA Scam Ad Alerts 
  • Implementing IAB Europe’s TCF v2.2 & work with vendors on the TCF Global Vendor list 

The deadline for meeting these requirements has now passed - so what does it mean?  

  • If you have renewed under the most up-to-date criteria, then you remain Gold Standard certified. You can find a list of certified companies here 
  • If you were previously Gold Standard certified under an old version but haven’t upgraded to their latest criteria, you need to do so in order to keep your certification. At present you are no longer Gold Standard certified 
  • If you are registered for certification, you will need to meet the latest criteria in order to become Gold Standard certified  
  • If you are not registered but would like to be, you can kick the process off here  

More than ever, it’s vital that IAB members are upholding the Gold Standard as it has now been recognised by the Government as a key self-regulatory tool, forming part of the Online Advertising Taskforce’s Action Plan. By getting certified, businesses in the digital ad supply chain are showing policy makers that the industry can self-regulate effectively, which will be imperative when future legislation is considered. You can read more about the OAT from our Head of Policy & Regulatory Affairs, Christie Dennehy-Neil via Campaign.  

Get in touch  

  • Questions about the Gold Standard? Please contact [email protected]  
  • Questions about the Online Advertising Taskforce or its Action Plan? Please contact [email protected]  

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