Effectiveness of emojis in marketing campaigns revealed

Consumers are 66 per cent more likely to open emails if they contain emojis in the subject line, new research reveals.

Marketing emails that contain emojis in their subject line are 66 per cent more likely to be opened than those that don't, new figures reveal.

Research carried out by Leanplum for a new report titled 'Unlocking Engagement & Growth with Emojis' also led to the discovery that push notifications featuring emojis are 254 per cent more likely to be opened than those without. 

At the same time, apps that incorporate emojis are 26 per cent less likely to be uninstalled by users, the report found.

Leanplum also noted that emoji use around the world has more than doubled over the past 12 months, demonstrating their enduring popularity.

Together, these findings indicate the importance of brands using emojis in their marketing communications if they want to engage more consumers and reach a wider audience.

Joyce Solano, senior vice-president of global marketing at Leanplum, explained: "Emojis convey emotion and personality from brands, which help marketers deliver in-the-moment engagement and build long-lasting user retention."

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