Concertgoers can now feel the music with Avnet’s wearables

Vibrotextile allows each individual instrument to sync with a part of the wearable, reflecting the nuances of live music.

Avnet has teamed up with Not Impossible Labs to create a product that could transform the concert experience forever.

Music fans will be able to don a vest made from Vibrotextile, complete with wrist and ankle bands that pulse in time with the beat, to feel, as well as hear it.

The wearables are expected to be particularly popular with the deaf audience, opening up a new way to appreciate music, although the Music: Not Impossible bundle is not aimed exclusively at this market.

For the wearable to work, multiple elements must sync with each other and with the performance as well, making it quite a feat of engineering.

To pick up on the nuances of the music, the wrist, ankle and chest sections are all linked to different instruments, vibrating individually.

Bill Amelio, chief executive officer at Avnet, said: “We’re now working with Not Impossible on additional Vibrotextile products, extending beyond entertainment to therapy, communication and safety that will improve the lives of many.”

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