Spotify introduces 100% viewability ads to mobile

'Welcome back' ads on Spotify extending to mobile.

Spotify's 'welcome back' ads will now extend to the mobile sphere, greeting returning users to the app or mobile site.

This move has been made as users more frequently turn to mobile devices to listen to music. Of the company’s 70 million users, 65 per cent of streams are now on mobile devices, according to Adweek.

The ads, which are shown to users immediately when they access Spotify via a mobile device, guarantee viewability - meaning advertisers don't need to contend with ad blockers or the uncertainty of audience consumption.

'Overlay Mobile' ads are an extension of Spotify's 'Billboard' desktop ads, which appear on a user's screen following a period of inactivity. The ad will remain on the user's screen until they dismiss it or swipe away.

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