Unique Content Partnership Between Carwow & Vauxhall Generates Exposure For Corsa-E Model To 1 Million+ Viewers

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A native content partnership between Vauxhall and car-buying platform carwow, the brand behind the most watched car channel on YouTube in the world, was built to provide unique, strategic support for the launch of its first electric variant, the Corsa-e to cut through the noise and establish credibility and expertise in a highly competitive market.  

Vauxhall and Mediacom worked closely with carwow’s commercial lead Sepi Arani and the brands expert editorial team, led by carwow Chief Content Officer and Youtube presenter, Mat Watson, to create unique, useful content designed for their channels to introduce Vauxhall into the EV space, and establish immediate credibility. Unlike with traditional ads that need to grab a viewer’s attention, this longform native content allowed Vauxhall to strike the balance between educating and entertaining prospective buyers in a more meaningful way, whilst also leveraging carwow’s reputation and access to in-funnel customers through the brand’s presence onsite. 

Lynette Wong, Head of Media at Vauxhall said “We were looking for an innovative partner, that could help us achieve a full funnel campaign for Corsa-e. carwow helped provide our consumers with inspiration, knowledge and ease of purchase. Not only had they exceeded our objectives and expectations, but allowed us to tap into their editorial expertise to create excellent, informative content that we have gone on to use in our own channels. Their unique proposition enabled us to target highly relevant audiences with engaging content that resulted in a truly outstanding partnership.”

What was the role of digital within the media mix? 

Carwow and Vauxhall worked together on a multi-strand campaign, designed to help hit relevant touch points for buyers at every stage of the funnel, involving headline sponsorship of carwow’s high performing Electric hub, sponsorship of key EV tools, including the fuel chooser, and charging point finder, and the creation of exclusive video content designed to be entertaining and informative. carwow's social media channels were also utilised to deliver a record amount of organic video impressions, and Vauxhall will be sharing it on their own social platforms.


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What results did you attain? What was the biggest achievement? 

Alongside a reach of more than 1 million organic viewers, the collaborative content has resulted in a view-through rate of 72.2%, and driven over 5,000 configurations of the Corsa-e on the carwow website to date, and delivered over 1,000+  enquiries to the Vauxhall network itself. These direct response results also blend with the added brand value of evergreen content that provides clear, helpful advice for consumers looking to switch to EV, establishing Vauxhall as thought leaders in this space, allowing them to learn more about electric vehicles relevant to their lifestyles, and educating them on how the technology can have a beneficial impact on them. 

Harriet Waldron, Associate Director, who led the partnership at Mediacom said, “We are excited to be the first brand to utilise carwow’s expert editorial team, and impressed with the collaboration and seamless delivery of the content created by carwow. They understood Vauxhall’s brand identity and were able to weave this into their editorial tone of voice to create content that worked brilliantly for both brands. The results speak for themselves with an incredible video view-through rate of over 70% and 1,000+ enquiries of the Corsa-e”  

What’s the killer headline?

Unique Content Partnership Between Carwow & Vauxhall Generates Exposure For Corsa-E Model To 1 Million+ Viewers


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