Tipi wows renters with its large-scale DOOH campaign



Tipi has rethought what renting can be from the ground up. From big things, like doing away with deposits and fees (yes, completely) and filling each purpose-built home with top quality appliances and stylish furniture. To more personal things, like being pet-friendly, having car spaces for visiting friends or social spaces to throw parties. 

As a bold new entrant into the UK home rental market with the largest single buy-to-rent site in the UK, Tipi needed a strategic digital out of home (DOOH) campaign to raise awareness of its Wembley Park apartments and attract potential new tenants.

What was the role of digital in the media mix?

Tipi partnered with Talon, Goodstuff, and MI Media to launch its new apartments and attract enquiries from potential renters. As lead medium, it was imperative that the DOOH campaign reached a large number of people who would consider Tipi as their new landlord. The first wave of activity was a large-scale DOOH campaign spanning 8,000 London Underground sites and 200 bus sides in a broadcast approach to reach over half of London commuters across the capital.  

The second, third and fourth phase was developed to specifically focus on people that would consider a Tipi apartment and incorporated the use of Ada, Talon’s proprietary data management platform. Ada activated billions of device-level audience data points to gain new insights into how North West London renters move across the capital city and how to effectively reach and engage them whilst on-the-go. 

Ada worked by transforming raw audience and location data inputs into insights about people’s movements and behaviours, all powered by data-science models developed by Talon’s in-house team. These models include Ada’s recently launched solutions for the London Underground network, which detects millions of commuters’ journeys every week and provides new insights about how to effectively target behavioural audiences across this vast public transport network - containing tens of thousands of advertising units.  

Key Statistics


Brand Awareness


Brand Consideration

What results did you attain? What was the biggest achievement?

All of the possible DOOH units were evaluated on how effectively they reached potential renters on their everyday commuter journeys. The best performing units were included in an optimised media buy, which achieved a 21.3% increase in on-target audience delivery compared to the natural delivery of London Underground ads.  

Tipi's DOOH ads produced large gains in brand awareness of more than 17%, allowing them to take the lead within their competitor market, a great result for a new entrant to the UK. 

However, it was the strategic use of Ada that delivered some of the most interesting results across some of the most difficult to shift brand metrics. A 7% increase in emotional engagement with Tipi was reported, thanks to a significant increase in the sense of relevancy due to optimisation. Ada planning also drove brand trust, which saw a 13% increase along with brand consideration (up 11%). The implementation of Ada has transcended DOOH’s ability to push metrics across the whole brand funnel, establishing Tipi as a respected brand within the market.  

In a sentence…

Tipi wows renters with its large-scale DOOH campaign


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