How Jack Daniel’s attracted new Tennessee Honey drinkers with Dynamic Video, powered by Search



Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey is the top-rated flavoured whiskey in the UK. After eight years of consecutive growth, Jack Daniel’s sought to evolve Tennessee Honey to appeal to wider audiences.

The brand faced two major challenges:

  • Shifting perceptions of Tennessee Honey - from a spirit enjoyed ‘on the rocks’ to a new long drink served with lemonade.

  • Engaging non-whiskey drinkers - who tend to favour lighter spirits and sweeter flavours, without alienating Jack Daniel’s roots - whiskey drinkers.

Therefore, Jack Daniel’s launched a campaign with Spark Foundry and Captify, leveraging the power of Search Intelligence to increase Tennessee Honey's relevance with younger consumers.

By powering creative with real-time search data, this innovative Dynamic Video campaign connected personalised Jack Daniel’s creatives with four custom audiences - not only fuelling increased awareness and engagement with flavoured spirit drinkers, but also triggering consumers to actively search for the Jack Daniel’s brand and how to enjoy Tennessee Honey - driving further brand uplift beyond the campaign KPIs. 

The campaign went on to win the ‘FMCG’ category at The Drum Digital Advertising Awards 2020.

What was the role of digital within the media mix? 

Spark Foundry and Captify leveraged the power of Search Intelligence, to build custom audiences based on connected searches from across the open web, uniquely identifying and reaching new Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey drinkers.

To drive incremental reach beyond whiskey drinkers, four new custom audiences were identified and built through search that would be receptive to the Tennessee Honey brand message - ‘Cultured’, ‘Socialite’, ‘Eco-Conscious’ and ‘Drinks Connoisseur’.

Captify’s Search-Powered Creative Studio developed a unique and pioneering Dynamic Video strategy to connect with these four audiences at scale and drive awareness of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey while delivering a truly engaging and personalised online experience.  

For the creative, Jack Daniel’s 20-second hero TV asset was utilised to drive stronger brand recall and synergy with the wider Tennessee Honey campaign, then four personalised Dynamic Video canvases were activated to appeal to the unique tastes and lifestyles of the custom Search Powered audiences.

Key statistics


Brand uplift for Jack Daniel's



What results did you attain? What was the biggest achievement?

The campaign results exceeded all benchmarks set at the initial briefing stage. Using dynamically served, unique creative formats led to strong VTR results - 14% above target.

Consumers were also up to 3.2X more likely to search for Jack Daniel’s after being exposed to the Captify ad, demonstrating heightened brand awareness measured through search uplift.

Further post-campaign analysis also revealed that after reinforcing the great taste and perfect serve in the campaign creatives, younger consumers such as Millennials, Young Professionals and Students became notably more interested in the mixability aspect of Tennessee Honey. In addition, older audiences such as Family Shoppers and Empty Nesters also displayed an increased interest in mixability.

Overall, Jack Daniel’s successfully intercepted non-whiskey drinkers with a new lemonade serve option, whilst also driving awareness with their core audience who enjoy whiskey on the rocks. 


What’s the killer headline?

Reaching new audiences to drive 3.2X brand uplift with Dynamic Video - powered by Search Intelligence (and it wasn't by targeting consumers searching for whiskey).


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