Mobile Steering Group Viewpoint January 2017: Mobile Video

View the IAB Mobile Steering Group’s thoughts on the most exciting developments in mobile video.

Mobile video spend is on the rise, increasing by a massive 129% since the rst half of 2015 (Source, IAB / PwC Digital Adspend Study). This growth is in no small part down to innovation in the video space which has opened up more opportunities for brands to get impactful and emotive video creative in front of their audiences. 

Perhaps, however the most exciting development is consumers’ willingness to engage with video content on mobile, treating it as a primary screen, despite its size. Consumers are also capturing, and sharing video like never before and are increasingly expecting brands to do the same. Mobile also opens up the huge potential of 360-degree video, which is sure to play a huge part in the future of marketing. 

The growth of Virtual Reality (VR) is also very exciting! It’s progression into the mass consumer market provides a great platform for brands to engage with consumers. It was initially de ned as being best suited to the gaming and entertainment industries but has quickly expanded into other categories with retail, FMCG and travel brands jumping on the bandwagon. 

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