China-Europe Mobile Synergy: trends in user behaviour, phone brands and advertising

Cheetah Lab has harnessed Cheetah Mobile's big data to analyse the European market, looking at mobile phones, apps, mobile ad trends, and its future outlook, as well as how the market differs - and is similar to - China's.

Through this analysis, Cheetah Lab aims to present a clear and vivid portrait of the state of the mobile internet in Europe today. 

The European market, with its high-quality users and their mature payment habits, serious ad revenue and advanced technology, is a prime target for internet companies small and large. Yet because the continent has a relatively small population and high linguistic diversity, relatively few European developers, especially app developers, have been able to achieve success on a global scale. Some say that Europe's relatively mature PC technology has been a factor in its slow transition to the mobile internet, and that the European tendency to value exquisite craftsmanship is at odds with the often fast and loose style of mobile internet development, impeding mobile internet development there. 

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