How to get involved with Industry Groups

Covid-19 Update: Please note that we won't be holding any Industry Group meetings in person for the foreseeable future. All planned meetings will go ahead virtually. Please speak to your Industry Initiatives contact for more detail.

IAB UK Steering Groups

IAB UK’s Steering Groups have been created to grow, resource and sustain key areas of digital advertising. By bringing together members from across the industry, the steering groups provide a forum to debate key issues and find shared solutions. Participants help to shape the IAB’s initiatives and overall strategy within each of these three areas: display and data, mobile and video advertising.

The groups are capped at 25 companies each and a steering group seat is £10.5k per annum, on top of the standard membership fee. Groups meet every 6-8 weeks. 

  • Display and Data Steering GroupEducate the industry about data driven digital campaigns, helping to drive adoption and establish best practice in programmatic trading techniques

  • Mobile In App Steering Group: From understanding data challenges to embracing creativity, inspire the industry to harness the power of mobile advertising

  • Video Steering Group:Join us in developing this growing sector by proving the effectiveness of video advertising and the benefits of bespoke, engaging creative

To find out more about steering groups, please contact Dominic Tillson, Head of Industry Initiatives, on

Discipline Advisory Groups

IAB UK’s Discipline Advisory Groups bring industry experts together to collaborate on projects and initiatives that sustain and grow digital channels. Open to all members, these groups are free to attend and meet once a quarter.

  • Affiliates and Partnerships: Lead the charge in educating the industry about performance marketing. From how affiliate is changing to identifying where new opportunities lie, help to grow and evolve this channel

  • Audio Advisory Group: Help to grow the digital audio market by educating the industry about the benefits and unique strengths of the channel

  • Content, Social & Native Advisory Group: Join us to develop and shape the market opportunity for content-based and native advertising

  • Connected TV (CTV) Advisory group: Our latest group, designed to develop and shape the market opportunity for Connected TV

  • Digital Out of Home (DOOH) Advisory Group: Inspire the industry to embrace the opportunities DOOH offers and establish its role within the wider digital media mix

  • Gaming Advisory Group: To support sustainable growth within the gaming marketing ecosystem across console, in-app, eSports, content and influencer, and to position gaming as an accessible media channel for brands

  • Search Advisory Group: Ensure the market maintains its investments in search and continues to embrace the latest innovations within search marketing

To find out more about advisory groups, please contact Catherine Cribbin, Industry Initiatives Manager, on

Specialism Advisory Groups

IAB UK’s Specialism Advisory Groups bring industry experts together to address different digital topics and cross-industry challenges. Open to all members, these groups are free to attend and meet once a quarter.

  • Research Advisory Group: Ensure you have have an in-depth understanding of IAB research initiatives and are encouraging research best practice within the industry. To find out more, please contact Steph Clarke, Research Manager, on

  • Regulatory Affairs & Public Policy Advisory Group: Working to promote a policy environment that will support a sustainable digital advertising industry. Areas covered include data protection and privacy policy, industry self-regulation, copyright and brand safety, marketing to children and disclosure

    There are six sub-groups within this advisory group, one for each of the above areas. These six sub-groups are open to all members, even if you are not a member of the Regulatory Affairs & Public Policy Advisory Group. To find out more, please contact our Regulation and Policy Team on

  • Ad Tech Advisory Group: Meeting once a quarter, the Ad Tech Advisory Group provides a forum for members to discuss the latest technical opportunities and challenges in the digital advertising industry. To find out more, please contact Tina Lakhani, Ad Tech & Standards Manager, on

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