UKOM: Digital Market Overview June 2017

Posted on: Thursday 27 July 2017 | UKOM

Using UKOM approved comScore data, the Digital Market Overview provides insights into what the UK population is doing online.
UKOM has approved comScore’s Multi-platform data which reports audience behaviour across desktop, tablets and smartphones. The Digital Market Overview provides a top-line snapshot of audience behaviour each quarter and headlines from this month include:
  • Total digital population across desktop, smartphone and tablet was 50.4m in June 2017
  • 50% of all time online spent on smartphone (last time smartphone time reached 50% was Dec 16), 13% on tablet and 37% on desktop
  • Mobile has boosted digital minutes, rather than replace the desktop
  • 3.8m adults are now mobile only
  • Females 18+ spend 69% of their time online on mobile devices compared to only 58% for males
  • Smartphone share decreases with increasing age, but 55+ have the greatest tablet share
  • Parents spend a greater share of their time on smartphones (57%)
  • 82% of mobile minutes come from apps
  • Snapchat, Apple & Spotify have the greatest share of time on mobile devices
  • News sites witnessed big gains as major stories (General Election, Terrorist attacks and Grenfell Tower) dominated headlines


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