The role of digital across the advertising funnel

Posted on: Tuesday 30 August 2022 | IAB UK

IAB UK and On Device Research have analysed 516 ad campaigns globally to understand how advertisers can maximise digital’s effectiveness across the advertising funnel

With so many ads vying for people’s attention, standing out at each stage of the path to purchase is key - but how should brands be using digital channels across the advertising funnel to best effect? Working with On Device Research, we’ve analysed 516 global ad campaigns that ran between 2018 and 2021 (spanning display and video) to understand how they used digital to boost awareness and consideration, and ultimately drive purchase intent. 

The research shows us what sets the best performing campaigns apart. We’ve used this insight to establish 10 best practice principles to help advertisers maximise digital’s effectiveness across the advertising funnel. You can download these below.


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