An inside look at DOOH

Posted on: Tuesday 23 July 2019 | IAB UK

IAB UK teams up with YouGov to ask marketing decision makers about their attitudes to digital out of home advertising

DOOH offers advertisers an eye-catching and dynamic way of reaching consumers and raising a brands’ profile. But how much are marketers using the medium and what do they think about it?

We teamed up with YouGov to get the inside track from 504 marketing decision makers across a range of sectors and company sizes. Here’s some of the key findings:

  • 41% of marketing decision makers are responsible for OOH campaigns, of which 36% are using DOOH 

  • DOOH is unlocking new budget with 19% of spend coming from new sources

  • Spend on DOOH is set to increase over the next year with 32% upping budgets 

  • Awareness of the capabilities of DOOH are low among marketing decision makers in general, but higher for DOOH marketers 

  • DOOH rates highly across a range of key metrics including brand safety, being GDPR compliant and delivering contextually relevant messages

Download the full DOOH deck here.

Interested in knowing more? DOOH marketers comment on the findings. 

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