IAB Tech Lab integrates DOOH into OpenRTB

Posted on Monday 12 December 2022 | IAB UK

IAB Tech Lab has announced that DOOH is now part of Open RTB, the communication protocol that enables real-time bidding

OpenRTB was designed to spur growth in real-time bidding (RTB) marketplaces by providing an open industry standard for communication and interoperability between buyers and sellers in the digital advertising industry. The integration of digital out-of-home (DOOH)  into the initiative reflects the growth of programmatic DOOH and means that inventory can now be described and traded more effectively alongside other established digital channels such as display, mobile and CTV.

Discussing the news in a piece on IAB Tech Lab’s site, Tim Harvey - Founder of Knitting Media and Co-Founder of Purl Applications Limited - explains: “The OpenRTB standard was built prior to large scale programmatic media investment in out-of-home and thus did not consider real-world aspects of out-of-home. As a result, various interpretations and implementations for programmatic digital out-of-home advertising necessitated a custom implementation between all parties in the supply chain in order to trade together. This lack of standardization introduced significant cost and complexity into the emerging programmatic DOOH channel.”

Tech Lab has collaborated with leading international trade organisations, publishers and ad tech companies in the OOH space - including Outsmart in the UK -  to formally include OOH in OpenRTB standard for programmatic trading. Find out more via IAB Tech Lab

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