IMPACT Wave 2 - Proving the ROI of Digital display

Posted on: Tuesday 12 December 2017

IMPACT is an award winning research project conducted using Nectar card data, and partnering with AIMIA, i2c and MTM, in Wave 2 of the study nine consumer goods brands are put to the test to see the impact of digital display advertising at driving both on and offline sales in UK supermarkets.

The research measured nine different FMCG brands running programmatic advertising across desktop and mobile display. Wave 2 improves upon the Wave 1 study by exploring the sales uplift across all UK supermarkets.

This was done via accessing sales data from exposed and control groups through a partnership with AIMIA and I2C, custodians of Nectar card data and using Nielsen's Homescan panel.

Both brand surveys and sales data were used to demonstrate the impact on brand metrics and product sales of digital advertising.

IMPACT (Wave 1) won bronze in the Trade Body Research category at the 2017 Media Week Awards.


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