Digital advertising effectiveness


The IAB UK wanted to understand, at a very general level, whether digital display advertising campaigns are effective.

IAB research shows digital display advertising is effective across all metrics!

In collaboration with Kantar Millward Brown, OnDevice Research and Research and Analysis of Media (RAM), the analysis collated results from 675 individual campaigns from 2008 through 2017 to see whether digital display advertising is effective.

From analysis of these 675 campaigns, on average, digital display advertising:

  • Raises unaided brand awareness up to 12% vs controls

  • Positively shifts brand perceptions by 2% vs controls

  • Educates people about a product/brand by 2% vs controls

  • Drives intent to purchase by up to 3% vs controls

The analysis also showed that digital banners and digital videos are both effective formats, and campaigns can be effective using either single or multiple creatives.

Interested in reading more about effectiveness? You can read our research 'The Rules of Attention: Five key rules for boosting ad attention online' here


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