Always On: A Global Perspective Of Mobile Consumer Experience


IAB (US) and its Mobile Marketing Centre of Excellence, in conjunction with 17 IABs from around the globe, aimed to uncover the latest trends of mobile behaviours and perceptions, particularly among global smartphone owners and mobile internet users. This study examines how consumers access and use the mobile internet and how they perceive and react to mobile advertising.

Key takeaways:

The global mobile adoption and usage is prevalent. Mobile devices are an integral part of consumers’ daily lives.

•The majority (63%) of smartphone owners worldwide use their mobile device at least every 30 minutes. This usage includes any and all different ways a mobile device can be used, from making calls, to checking the time, to accessing the internet.
•A core group of frequent mobile users (around a fifth across all participating countries) report using their mobile device every 5 minutes.
•Nowhere is this more evident than in South America, where 68% use their mobile device at least every 30 minutes. This frequent usage is most prevalent in Brazil (78%) and Argentina (73%).

Mobile usage is not only frequent, it also commands a bulk of consumers’ time each day.

•Nearly half (49%) of smartphone users worldwide spend at least 3 hours each day on their mobile device, 22% spend 6 hours or more.
•South America has the most heavy mobile users (29%)  who spend 6 hours or more on mobile each day.
•At the country level, Brazil, China and Argentina lead the way in terms of time spent on mobile, with 38%, 31%, and 29% respectively using their mobile device for 6 hours or more. 



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