IAB UK says get involved!

Posted on: Wednesday 03 October 2018

IAB UK today invited the industry to roll up its collective sleeves and get involved at its inaugural non-conference, ‘Nonference’, on November 1st.

Announcing the event, IAB CMO, James Chandler, said:

“As digital has become increasingly complex, it’s also become less about screenshots on Powerpoint slides and more about experiences, more interactive, more hands on. It’s no longer enough just to just listen someone talk about these things, it’s about learning through doing.  That’s why we’ve created Nonference - something completely different to Engage, Leadership Summit and the Digital Upfronts.  Expect a full-on day packed with almost fifty sessions down at Tobacco Dock.”

The 800-capacity event takes place on November 1st and will see partners including Ryot, Spotify, Zenith Media, Buzzfeed and others create simultaneous sessions focused on giving attendees new, practical digital skills or something they’ve never tried before. This isn’t about taking notes, but taking part.

The full menu is available now on the IAB Events app – available on the Apple and Google Play app stores – but is so rich and varied it demanded being shared in full, thereby giving the industry time enough to decide exactly what they will experience on November 1st.

  • ‘Virtually’ Back to the Future (of Video)

  • A Question of Sporf: cutting through the noise on social

  • An Englishman, Irishman & Scotsman walk into a bar (And nobody finds it funny) Avoiding bias in Media 

  • I’ve got 99 Problems but a Pitch Ain’t One

  • The Kings Head(er) Bidding Programmatic Pub Quiz

  • Winner Winner, Mobile Christmas Dinner

  • Get under the skin (literally) of ad effectiveness with biometrics 

  • No likey, no lighty - let the data see the customer!

  • Let’s get messy. (Why we love the creativity of crowds.)

  • Age of distrust: How learning from street art could save advertising

For the full line up or to book your ticket, go to the event page here

With a programme totalling over 29 hours, Nonference is set to inspire, entertain, and possibly exhaust attendees from every sector and seniority within the industry. Well, maybe not every industry leader, if the evidence of this video is anything to go by.

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