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We love conferences. We’ve been running our own for the last fifteen years and are lucky enough to attend lots of different types of other industry events too.

Conferences - including our own - are largely passive with the very best ones being highly inspirational, teaching you things you didn’t already know and will often have you coming away thinking about something completely differently.

They are geared around brilliant speakers who stand on stages and present to us. More often than not, we are in receive-mode, seated in the dark listening intently and diligently taking notes.

As digital has become increasingly complex, it’s also become less about screenshots on Powerpoint slides and more about experiences, more interactive, more hands on. So, whether that’s learning how to spot fake news or asking Alexa to add butter to your weekly shop - it’s no longer enough just to just listen someone talk these things, it’s about learning through doing.

We believe this requires a different type of conference. A Nonference.

Tobacco Dock, Wapping Lane, London, E1W 2SF
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IAB Nonference

Taking place at Tobacco Dock on 1 November, we are launching a totally new kind of event, something completely different to Engage, Leadership Summit, Digital Upfronts or any of the in-house events we run throughout the year.

Come and build your own unique agenda on the day from dozens of simultaneous sessions focused on giving you new, practical digital skills or getting you to try something you never have before.

Expect to leave Nonference enlightened on blockchain, armed with the blueprint on how to become the next YouTube sensation and having got (quite literally) under the skin of how biometrics work. And of course, much much more.

So, clear your diary and join in on 1 November for a day of hands-on learning and immersive experiences.

If you’re interested in sponsoring Nonference, there are still a few remaining opportunities - email events@iabuk.com.


IAB Nonference

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