WWF uses Instagram campaign to highlight disappearing landscapes

The WWF has launched an Instagram influencer campaign with a difference to highlight disappearing environmental landscapes around the world.

The World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) has launched an innovative new Instagram influencer campaign, designed to highlight disappearing landscapes across the globe.

Instagrammers were asked to post images of stunning environments, such as clear blue oceans or coral reefs, which naturally attracted a bevy of wanderlust-fuelled comments.

Then, several days later, the influencers posted a shot of what the same landscape looks like in reality, in many cases after being ravaged by pollution or falling into disrepair due to neglect.

These posts were accompanied by the hashtag #TooLatergram, with the aim of highlighting the fact that even more landscapes could be damaged in the future, unless people take action to protect the world around them.

By cleverly using digital retouching software to enhance the original images and engaging influencers and followers in a completely different way to usual, the WWF has managed to create an emotive and memorable marketing campaign.

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