Uber launches new safety features

New safety features on Uber’s app will benefit both riders and drivers, as it brings the UK in line with the US.  

Uber is introducing a number of new safeguards to the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa markets that it has already rolled out in the US.

These features will benefit both drivers and riders, as they come into force over the coming weeks.

Users will be able to access the Safety Toolkit right from the app, with a shield-shaped icon in the bottom-right hand corner. Inside the Safety Centre, there will be plenty of safety tips, in-app support 24 hours a day, car and driver information, GPS tracking and access to the feedback centre.

One of the biggest innovations is a Trusted Contacts area, where both riders and drivers can share the details of the trip they’re taking with family or friends.

An emergency assistance button will also allow users to contact local emergency services through the app.
Drivers’ logs will also no longer show specific pick-up and drop-off addresses, offering more security for users.

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