Story Ads: Snapchat's latest offering for brands

Snapchat has launched its new Story Ads feature, which allows users to swipe to see branded or shoppable content while viewing posts on the app.

Snapchat has released its latest offering for brands as part of its self-serve ads manager, Story Ads, which is a revamped version of its Promoted Stories feature.

The function is available to brands within the app's Discover feed, and updates mean they can now choose whereabouts within the feed their branded content appears.

In addition, a new auction-based pricing feature has been added to the new-look Story Ads, with Snapchat claiming that the changes will make it easier for brands to target their preferred audience. Currently, Snapchat has more than 500 predefined audiences for brands to work with.

Story Ads will comprise between three and ten Snap Ads, threaded together to create a story-like piece of promotional content.

From these stories, Snapchat users will be able to view more content from a brand, such as the product page on their website - meaning this approach could help to boost sales - further video content, or a prompt to download the brand's own app.


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