LinkedIn launches video advertising function for brands

B2B brands can now create video ads for LinkedIn, with the platform also introducing official company pages for the first time.

B2B brands using LinkedIn to promote their business have been given two new features to enable them to amplify themselves via the social platform.

Bringing its offering to brands more in line with that of Facebook, LinkedIn has launched a new function that allows businesses to post video adverts to be played on the site.

In addition, LinkedIn has introduced official company pages for the first time, which will enable brands to make better use of account-based marketing and ensure they are more likely to appear in search results based on a variety of business-related criteria.

Both of these new features will allow brands to make more of sponsored content via the platform, presenting B2B firms with potential new marketing opportunities.

Commenting on the changes, Kaydee Bridges, vice-president of digital and social media strategy at Goldman Sachs, explained how the brand would use the new features.

"Video content is crucial for our brand, and these changes allow LinkedIn's professional community to more easily derive value from the content we are producing," she stated.

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